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Environment, Health and Safety Division

Waste Management

What We Do

The Waste Management Group provides:

  • Assistance with waste reduction through prevention, minimization, and recycling,
  • Classroom or one-on-one waste generator training,
  • Assistance in waste segregation, packaging, characterization and compliant management of waste in the workplace,
  • Assurance that generators have properly characterized their waste and have correctly packaged and labeled it before it is picked up,
  • Removal of all hazardous and mixed waste from the generator's site in a safe and timely manner,
  • Proper storage of waste at the HWHF until shipped for treatment and disposal,
  • Packaging and shipment to a licensed treatment and disposal facility,
  • Interfaces with regulatory inspectors, other DOE and University waste organizations,
  • Provide flammable waste cans, 30-gallon, 55-gallon drums (steel or polyethylene), and Radioactive material tags to waste generators
  • Operation of the HWHF in a manner that ensures safety and complies with all regulations,
  • Assurance that all offsite facilities used for treatment and disposal of radioactive, mixed, and hazardous waste have been reviewed and approved for waste handling activities,
  • Transportation of open chemicals between LBNL buildings and to/from UC Berkeley campus and LBNL, and
  • Maintenance of all records regarding the waste.

I hope this web site is useful in providing the necessary information to help Berkeley Lab waste generators manage their waste.  If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please contact me at or x6823.