Employee Information and Training

If you are exposed to lead at less than the OSHA Action Level then the information in this web training course fulfills your training requirements.  If you are exposed to lead above the OSHA Action Level then EH&S Course 330 is required. Examples of some activities at LBL that may result in lead exposure above the action level are:

  • welding on lead painted surfaces
  • moving more than 5 unwrapped bricks
  • grinding/sanding/cutting on lead painted surfaces
  • duct cleaning
  • preparing previously lead painted surfaces for re-painting
  • excessive soldering with lead
  • lead smelting


Warning signs are required to be posted only in areas where the PEL is exceeded.


All exposure monitoring for airborne lead and biological monitoring records must be kept for 40 years or at least 20 years after termination of employment.

Additional Information