EHS0059 Ergo Self--assessment Refresher Login Instructions:
EHS0059 is a web-based training & assessment tool hosted by Remedy Interactive which takes about 40 minutes to complete.

First Time Users - Request a Password:
You must request a PASSWORD from Remedy when first logging on to EHS0059. The login screen will ask “Do you need a password?” Select the link "Click Here." When the PASSWORD screen apears, enter your EMAIL ADDRESS. Then, click the “Get Password” button. Remedy will email you a temporary PASSWORD within minutes. When you return to the login screen, it will ask you for your Employee ID Number (badge #) and then ask you to change your PASSWORD.

Return Users:
When you return to the Remedy site to continue your session, enter your Employee ID number (badge #) and your PASSWORD. If you’ve forgotten your PASSWORD, follow the steps outlined above to request a PASSWORD.

WARNING:You must have an EMAIL ADDRESS that is the same as your LBNL HR Profile email address to login and take the training. If you are a NEW employee or guest, you might receive a notice from Remedy that it is unable to locate your account. In this case, you must contact and provide us with your Name, Employee ID # (badge #), Email and Phone so we can set up your account.