EHS0058 Ergo Self--assessment Refresher Login Instructions:
EHS58 is an assessment tool only that is taken as an annual “Refresher” once you’ve completed EHS59 and it takes 10 minutes to complete.

When you login to take the annual “Refresher”, you must enter your Employee ID Number (badge #) and your Remmedy Interactive password (not your LDAP).

You can request a new password by clicking the “Get Password” button.
Remedy will email you a temporary PASSWORD within minutes. When you return to the login screen, it will ask you for your Employee ID and then ask you to change your PASSWORD.

WARNING: You must have an EMAIL ADDRESS that is the same as that in your LBNL HR Profile to login and take the training.
If you have followed the instructions above and continue to have problems, contact and provide us with your
Name, Employee ID # (badge #), Email and Phone so we can quickly assist you.