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First Aid Training

Change to First Aid Training
First Aid Training is changing from a 3 year re-training requirement to a 2 year re-training requirement. The change brings our training curriculum (American Safety and Health Institute) into alignment with other national standards such as the American Heart Association and the Red Cross. It also aligns CPR training with First Aid training so that both have a two year retraining cycle. Everyone who completed First Aid training before the change occurred will move to the two year retraining cycle the next time their training is due.

The American Safety and Health Institute (ASHI) changed from a 3 year retraining cycle to a 2 year retraining cycle in January 2012. Because of this, everyone who completed the training prior to Januray 2012 will not be impacted. In other words the retraining date will be the same. However, in order to preserve this initial retraining date, EHSS Training will move forward your training completion date by 1 year. This will retain your retraining date when the training system changes to a 2 year requirement.

Here is an example:

Before the change:
John Doe completed First Aid on 3/12/2011  
Their retraining date will be 3/12/2014

After the change:
John Doe completed First Aid on 3/12/2012 
Their retraining date will be 3/12/2014

  • You can see that we moved the completion date forward by 1 year so that the retraining date remains the same