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Construction Safety Startup Kit 2013

All Contractors & their employees entering LBNL property to perform any type of work are required to complete the following two trainings:

  1. LBNL General Employee Radiological Training (online training)
  2. LBNL Construction Safety Orientation (classroom training)

These trainings must be completed BEFORE starting work.

  1. Instructions for completing General Employee Radiological Training (GERT):

    1. Complete the training online (Go Here).
    2. After you complete the training, choose the Non LDAP login and follow all directions.
    3. You will receive an email (verifying completion). Send this email to your Construction Manager.
  2. Instructions for completing LBNL Construction Safety Orientation:

    1. Sign up (Go Here)
    2. Training is about 30 minutes and is available Mondays & Friday at 7:15 am
    3. Additional training maybe required such as LOTO EHS 379. This training can be given after the Orientation.

    Training location changes. You will receive an email explaining where to go.

    After you complete the training you will receive sticker for your hard hat.

  3. Construction Safety for Site Specific Safety Plans
    1. Site Specific Safety Plan 2010
    2. LBNL Site Map
    3. Self Certification Training Matrix
  4. Construction Safety Checklist
    1. 2013 Safety Check List
    2. LBNL Arboricultural Operation Safety Requirements .doc .pdf
  5. Construction JHA 2013
    1. Construction JHA 2013
    2. Construction JHA 2013 Instructions
    3. Pre-Task Hazard Analysis (PTHA)
      Instructions: This document or similar document shall be completed each day at the Plan of the Day (POD) prior to work starting to identify site specific conditions.
  6. PUB 3000 Chapters
    1. Chapter 10 Construction Safety
      1. Appendix A - Code of Safe Practices
        1. Ch 10-Appendix A
        2. Ch 10-Appendix A.21 Scaffolding
        3. 1926.454 Subpart L, Scaffolding Training Req
        4. 1926.451(e) Subpart L, Scaffold Access
        5. 1926.451(f)(i) - (iv) Ladders On Scaffolding
        6. 1926.451(h) (2) Scaffold Platforms
        7. CCR-Title 8-Section 1646-Tower, Rolling, Wood or Metal Scaffolds
        8. Instuctions on Safe Use of Perry Scaffolding
        9. Upright-Instruction Manual-Span Scaffolding
        10. Ch 27.8 High-Consequence-Value Lifts
        11. CCO Certification Card Fact Sheet
        12. DOE-STD 1090-99 Hosting & Rigging
      2. 2010 Ch 10
    2. Chapter 8 Electrical Safety
      1. Ch 8 Electrical Safety
      2. Ch 8 Appendix S - Subcontractors & Vendors Electrical Work
      3. Ch 8 Electrical Safety-Questions on Elect Cords
      4. 1926.405-Wiring Methods, Components, and Equipment
      5. UL Relocatable Power Taps
    3. Chapter 30 Fall Protection
      1. LBNL-Ch30-Fall-Protection Program
      2. LBNL-Adopt Fall Protection Program
      3. LBNL-Company Letter Certification
      4. LBNL-Fall Protection Planning Matrix
      5. Fall Protection Requirements for Boom Lift
      6. Miller Fall Protection-Product Statement
  7. Construction Tool Box Safety Topics
    1. Construction Tool Box Safety Topics
  8. Sec-013529-EH&S Procedures
    1. Sec 013529 – ES&H Procedures