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Ergonomics (general)

  • (PPT) Closing out Ergo Evaluations
  • (PPT) Computer Monitor Height Guidelines - 1 of 2
  • (PPT) Computer Monitor Height Guidelines - 2 of 2
  • (PPT) Computers: Do You Know Your Keyboard Shortcuts (Windows)?
  • (PPT) Computers: Take Frequent Computer Breaks
  • (PPT) Computer Workload Hazard Control - 1 of 2
  • (PPT) Computer Workload Hazard Control - 2 of 2
  • (PPT) Ergo Injuries are PREVENTABLE …if reported early!
  • (PPT) Ergonomics of Lifting
  • (PPT) Ergonomic Resources
  • (PPT) Getting Along with Your Laptop . . . in the office
  • (PPT) Getting Along with Your Laptop . . . on the road
  • (PPT) How to request an Ergo Evaluation
  • (PPT) Keying and Mousing Technique …pivoting forearms >> floating hands
  • (PPT) Lab and Bench Padding Options
  • (PPT) Lab Workstation Ergonomics
  • (PPT) Mouse Solutions…listen to your body!
  • (PPT) Pipette Ergonomics
  • (PPT) Safety Tips for Moving Your Workplace
  • (PPT) Supervisor Responsibilities for Ergo Evaluations
  • (PPT) Tips to Tame Your Mouse

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