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Environment, Health and Safety Division


Member Performance Expectations

The purpose of the Environment / Health / Safety (EHS) Division’s Safety Committee is to:

  • establish a means of communication on safety related matters for the EHS Division
  • provide a forum for all EHS employees to exercise their responsibility in ensuring a safe and healthy workplace for themselves, their co-workers, the Lab community, and the environment,
  • advise and make recommendations to the Division Director on matters that may affect the health and safety of Division employees, guests, and visitors, the Lab community or that may adversely affect the general public or the environment, and
  • conduct self-assessments of operations and activities as specified by the Division's Self-Assessment Plan, which is written to meet the objectives of the Division’s Integrated Safety Management Plan and the Lab's Self-Assessment Program.
  • as appropriate cover the personnel and activities of related units (such as Protective Services Department) to the extent that these additional units do not have stand alone safety committees.
  The EHS Division Director or designee appoints members to the Safety Committee, including the Committee Chairperson. Members consist of representatives from each EHS department or group to ensure a broad representation. Alternate representatives from each department or group can be identified as needed to back-up members who may not be available for Committee business. The recommended term for a committee member is two years, though longer terms will not be discouraged for employees who have a desire to serve an extended term.  
  • The Committee Chairperson organizes Committee meetings, establishes an agenda, chairs the meetings, and publishes meeting minutes for distribution to Division personnel and posting on the Committee’s website. The target frequency for meetings is once every two months on average. The Chairperson also coordinates Committee field and follow-up activities, and meets with the Division Director or designee on a periodic basis to advise and make recommendations on behalf of the Committee. An administrative assistant is assigned to the Committee to support the functions of the Chairperson.
  • Committee members present environmental, safety, or health concerns related to the department or group they serve to the attention of the Committee, and conversely, report Committee actions and activities back to their department or group.
  • Committee members fully participate in Committee functions, including updates to plans and carrying out self-assessment activities.
  • Review and analyze reports and data pertaining to EHS Division safety performance indicators, injury and illness cases, occurrence reports, corrective actions, lessons learned, self-assessment results, and any other information that may have an impact on the health and safety of Division personnel. Formulate conclusions and follow-up actions for the purpose of improving the state of environment, safety, and health within the Division.
  • Address Division environmental, safety, and health concerns raised by Committee members. Formulate conclusions and follow-up actions to address the concerns. Communicate the conclusions and actions back to Division employees, as applicable.
  • Promote awareness of integrated safety management for all Division personnel and programs. Recognize exceptional efforts by Division personnel for environmental, safety, or health actions.
  • Prepare Committee recommendations or advisory reports to the EHS Division Director for their review and approval in response to issues addressed by the Committee while managing the above functions. In response, these actions may result in the Committee's advocacy for changes to Division environmental, safety, or health policies and procedures. The Committee Chairperson and Committee member selected by the Chairperson shall meet with the Division Director at least annually to formally report on Committee activities and its recommendations and suggestions for the past year.
  • Conduct self-assessments to meet the performance criteria of the Laboratory's Self-Assessment Program and to implement the Division's Integrated Safety Management Plan. Self-assessment activities vary from year to year and are defined in the Division’s self-assessment plan, which is updated annual to identify fiscal year activities.
  • Assist in the tracking and completion of actions to correct deficiencies noted from the Division self-assessment activities, safety walkarounds, or through other non-programmatic, non-institutional channels. Corrective actions of this nature are normally tracked through the Laboratory’s Corrective Action Tracking System.
    All meeting agenda, meeting minutes, and Division annual self-assessment reports will be available for all Division staff to access.  
  Committee Member Performance Expectations  
Actively participate in the EH&S Div. Safety Committee:
Regularly attend meetings. If unable, have backup attend.
Solicit input from group members and represent them in committee discussions.
Participate in reviews of Div. ES&H/ISM performance indicators.
Carry out assigned role in the Div. Self-assessment and other action items.
Report to group leader and coworkers the results of the Safety Committee meetings, preferably at "all hands" meetings.