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Environment, Health and Safety Division

Laser Safety

LBNL Laser Safety Points of Contact

  • Laser Safety Officer - Greta Toncheva   510-495-2544 
                                                        Cell   510-605-8476


  • Deputy LSO - Robert Fairchild   510-495-2278
                                            Cell   510-926-2051

What You Need to Do to Operate a Class 3B or 4 Laser at LBNL:

  • Update your Work Planning and Control Activities at least annually.
    • Note: this does not apply to visitors and guests (e.g. external ALS users) who do not need a Work Planning and Control Activity.
  • Required Training:
    • EHS 302 Laser Safety Training, and taken every three years for Laser Safety Retraining; available online
    • On the Job Training — provided by PI/supervisor or designee & must be documented
    • For Communication Fiber Optic Users EHS 300 is required, contact LSO to schedule class
    • A laser eye exam is required for using a laser at LBNL. Users have 60 days in which to complete the exam.
  • Work Planning and Control (WPC) Activity  – This is a formal authorization and a safety document that describes the hazards of, and controls for the lasers in your work area. Your Work Lead is responsible to ensure its preparation. You must read and understand it and you are required to comply with its provisions. WPC Activities are renewed annually.
  • Lasers must be entered into the Laser Inventory.

On-line Eyewear OD Calculator (Contact the Laser Safety Officer before buying eyewear)

Eyewear for Short Pulse Lasers

Eyewear Vendors

Enclosures, Barriers, Commercial sources

Laser Safety Tools

  • Flashing LEDs- obtain from LSO
  • Beam Blocks- Newport & Kentek
  • Beam dumps- Newport & Kentek
  • Shutters- nmLasers
  • Laser Curtains
    • Kentek
    • Rockwell laser Industries
    • Laservision
  • Remote viewing ccds
  • IR viewers
  • Viewing Cards

LBNL Laser Safety Signs and Labels

Click here to download laser hazard warning signs and labels that you can modify for your specific application. These are created in PowerPoint.