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Laser Safety Protocols and Interpretations

Section of Pub 3000, Laser Chapter states “ At LBNL, the LSO shall develop and issue laser protocols, which are interpretations of ANSI Z136.1 requirements that provide acceptable solutions for frequently encountered experimental situations, or resolve conflicts between standards, where the primary Z136.1 recommended control measures are not feasible or practical. Such protocols will be reviewed and approved by the LBNL Laser Safety Committee to ensure they provide equivalent protection, and fit into LBNL’s research environment and needs.

Below are links to individual Laser Protocols.

Protocol: Emergency Stop

When applicable or requested by the user, a laser emergency “crash” button (panic button or E-stop) will be installed as part of an interlocked laser-room access system. In some cases, the indication of the location of electrical circuit breakers or laser cutoff switches will be sufficient to act as a replacement for this device. An evaluation by the LSO may determine that the panic button is not required.
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