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Environment, Health and Safety Division

Occupational Safety

Investigation Team Roles and Positions



Lead Investigator
[DSC typically included as a lead for divisional investigations]

Lead Investigators have read-write permissions to an investigation and have permission to:

  • Add and edit members of the Investigation team
  • Send an investigation team member notification
  • Send the investigation out to approvers for review and sign-off
  • Close and end the investigation (once all approvers have signed-off.


Investigators have read-write permissions to an investigation.   Investigators have access to add and edit: Data Gathering items, ISM Analysis items, and File Attachments.  An Investigator can also edit the Causal Factors and the Summary & Conclusions section.

(typically includes supervisor, DSC)

Approvers have read-only access to an investigation AND are required to sign off before this investigation can be marked as complete. (To allow an approver write access, they must also be checked as an investigator

(typically division senior management)

A Viewer has read-only access to an investigation.  They are not sent notifications from the investigations, but do have access to the investigation.

Note: The Date Notified (invited to participate in the investigation) field will be populated by the system when the individual has been sent an investigation notification.   If this field is blank, the individual has not been sent a notification