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MESH Review Lines of Inquiry

Sample interview areas or questions:

  • How does the Division communicate EH&S issues at the group/team level?
  • How does the Division respond to problems and incidents? Are they proactive in any areas? 
  • How has the division responded to findings from previous assessments?
  • Who sets EH&S expectations? Is staff aware of the expectations? How are they enforced?
  • How does the Division manage new employees, faculty, students, matrixed staff, and/or subcontractors?
  • What is the Division policy on ergonomics?
  • Is the work authorization process effective?
  • What Best Practices should be copied by other Divisions?
  • How does the Division track work changes and review their EH&S impacts?
  • Does everyone hear the same message about EH&S?
  • How many employees report to each PI or supervisor?
  • Do staff know who to contact if they have a safety problem?