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The Safety Advisory Committee (SAC) makes recommendations to the Environment / Health / Safety (EHS) Division Director on the development and implementation of Environment, Safety, and Health (ES&H) policy, guidelines, codes, and regulatory interpretation. It conducts reviews of special safety problems, and provides recommendations for possible solutions to the Laboratory Director, Associate Laboratory Director for Operations (ALDO)/Chief Operating Officer (COO), and/or the EHS Division Director as requested. The SAC also provides advice and counsel to the ALDO/COO by reviewing appeals from Laboratory divisions when any division and the EHS Division do not agree on the interpretation or application of criteria, rules, or procedures. Such advice and counsel may include options for a resolution.

In addition, the SAC Chair, in cooperation with the Office of Contractor Assurance, is responsible for scheduling and conducting the portion of institutional self-assessment known as SAC Peer Reviews. These reviews are designed to assess whether management systems consistent with Integrated Safety Management (ISM) are in place in all Laboratory divisions and that these systems are leading to the effective implementation of the Laboratory's ES&H program. The schedule of divisions for SAC Peer Reviews are determined by SAC discussions of ongoing events and changes in various divisions, and also based on SAC chair consultation with Laboratory ALDs. At least two Peer Reviews will be conducted each year. All members of the SAC are expected to serve on Peer Review subcommittees. The Peer Review results and the written report will be submitted directly to the Division Director.

The SAC Chair may appoint expert subcommittees to address specific health and safety matters. Such subcommittees may become long-standing expert subcommittees, or they may be of short duration, depending upon the technical support requirement.


The Laboratory Director appoints the SAC Chair. SAC membership includes a representative from every Laboratory division. Division Directors nominate members of their organizations to the Laboratory Director, who formally appoints them to the SAC. Appointments are at the will of the Division Director. With the approval of the Associate Laboratory Director, one person may represent more than one Division within a Directorate. As resources for the SAC, the EHS Division Director or Division Deputy will also attend SAC meetings. Other individuals may be invited by the Chair to attend.

Membership Qualifications

The SAC is designed to be primarily a committee of peers involved in the Laboratory’s research and development activities. In research- oriented divisions, members are expected to be drawn from research staff. There are no specific qualifications for SAC members in terms of their position, experience, and training at the Laboratory; however, since the SAC is involved in advising senior management on Laboratory policy as described above, an individual who can effectively represent his or her division should be nominated.

SAC members are expected to:

  • Possess an understanding of ISM.
  • Communicate regularly with senior division management and other division personnel as needed.
  • Possess communication skills to comment on, make suggestions or recommendations for, revise, advise senior management on, and influence the Laboratory’s approaches, methods, documents, and practices to continuously improve the Laboratory’s safety programs.
  • Develop an understanding of the LBNL Environment, Safety and Health (ES&H) Manual and related documents, and the processes for revising these documents.

Subcommittee Charters

Subcommittees may be of short-term or indefinite length, depending upon the issue area. Membership should consist of interested, affected, knowledgeable individuals and may include non-SAC members. A chair shall be appointed who will be responsible for organizing the group, coordinating with EHS, reporting back to the full SAC, and documenting the process as appropriate.

Meeting Schedule

Meetings will be held as necessary, and at least every two months. When members are unable to attend, substitutes may be designated to attend specific meetings. The SAC Chair will designate a recording secretary to take minutes for every meeting. The SAC will invite the ALDO/COO to participate in meetings. Once a year, the SAC will present an oral report of activities to the Laboratory Director.

Provision for Amendment

The Chair shall submit to the Laboratory Director any recommendations for the amendment of this charter.


Revised January 2016