Requesting a Change to the ES&H Manual

The following procedure describes the process for making changes to Berkeley Lab’s ES&H Manual (PUB-3000). It identifies Responsible Authors who participate in the revision process. A request to revise the ES&H Manual may be initiated by any Berkeley Lab employee; however, all requests must be sent to the Responsible Author and approved by the ES&H Manual Manager, Mike Wisherop.

If you wish to request a change to a PUB-3000 chapter, follow these steps:

  1. Contact the Responsible Author for the chapter in need of revision.
  2. Submit PUB-3000 revisions to the Responsible Author and the ES&H Manual Manager.

Direct all questions or comments concerning ES&H Manual content to the ES&H Manual Manager.

The most recent version of the ES&H Manual is on the Web. Hard copies of the ES&H Manual are unofficial, and their use is discouraged. For additional information, contact the ES&H Manual Manager, Mike Wisherop.

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