Log of ES&H Manual Changes in 2016

The table below lists changes to the ES&H Manual in calendar year 2016. To see a list of changes published before 2016, see the Archive of ES&H Manual Changes.


Chapter or Section and Title of Chapter or Section


Effective Date

35, Elevated Work Significant additional language to address work performed by Lab and subcontractor workers. 11/28/2016
30, Fall Protection Program Significant additional language to address work performed by Lab and subcontractor workers. 11/14/2016
Questions and Comments Pub-3000 Manager contact information updated. 10/27/2016
45, Chemical Hygiene and Safety Plan Major changes reflecting updates to the OSHA Haz Com standard. 10/13/2016

34, Confined Spaces

Quick Start Guide updated to reflect recent changes to program.


Requesting a Change to the ES&H Manual (PUB-3000)

PUB-3000 Manager contact information updated.


Guide to Using the ES&H Manual (PUB-3000)

Editorial changes made to update description of official versus printed copies, procedure for printing a chapter, and the PUB-3000 Manager's contact information.


34, Confined Spaces

Revised to keep the confined space program current with industry standard controls, NFPA 350, work practices, terminology training updates, fall protection, emergency rescue, new equipment, and new instruments; to update the Lab's recognized Threshold Limit Values for certain toxic gases; and to address the new OSHA standard for confined space in construction standard (1926.1200 Subpart AA). The chapter now provides detailed descriptions for subcontractor requirements, submittal items required such as worker training, provides guidance to Facilities for bidding and submittals, and refers to the EHS Construction Safety Group for field safety inspections.   


5, Injury Response and Review

Updated contact information in main chapter and Quick Start Guide


31, sJHA Process - Subcontractor Job Hazards Analysis

Quick Start Guide links and contact information updated


45, Chemical Hygiene and Safety Plan

Added new Work Process R.1, Specific Controls and Procedures — Chemical Synthesis


16, Laser Safety

Quick Start Guide updated.


16, Laser Safety

Chapter updated throughout.


45, Chemical Hygiene and Safety Plan

Work Process P revised.


43, Non-ionizing Radiation

Editorial change: Phone number for NIR assistance updated in Work Process D.


3, Health Services

Editorial changes to Sections 3.6 and 3.8.



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