Chapter Title Responsible Author
ES&H Manual Manager Mike Wisherop
1 General ES&H Requirements, Responsibilities, and Work Practices Jim Floyd
2 EHSS Division Charter Jim Floyd
3 Health Services Pedro Estacio
4 Exposure Assessment Tim Roberts
5 Injury Response and Review Ross Fisher
6 Work Planning and Control Andrew Peterson
7 Pressure Safety and Cryogenics Scott Robinson
8 Electrical Safety Program Mark Scott
9 Emergency Management Allen Benitez
10 Construction Health & Safety Julie Drotz
11 Environmental Protection Ron Pauer
12 Fire Prevention and Protection Gary Piermattei
13 Gas Safety Kurt Ettinger
14 Electrical Equipment Safety Program Mark Scott
15 Occurrence Reporting Andrew Peterson
16 Laser Safety Greta Toncheva
17 Ergonomics Melanie Alexandre
18 Lockout / Tagout Program Mark Scott
19 Personal Protective Equipment Herb Toor
20 Waste Management David Kestell
21 Radiation Safety David Kestell
22 Research with Human and Animal Subjects Chris Byrne
23 Seismic Safety Mike Wisherop
24 EHS Training Program James Basore
25 Mike Wisherop
26 Bruce King
27 Mike Wisherop
28 Matt Rice
29 Safe Handling of Cryogenic Liquids Scott Robinson
30 Fall Protection Program Richard DeBusk

sJHA Process – Subcontractor Hazards Analysis

Mike Ruggieri

Job Hazards Analysis - moved to and combined with Chapter 6, Work Planning and Control

33 Welding, Joining, and Thermal Cutting Safety Dan Best
34 Confined Spaces Mark Schmidt

Elevated Work — Aerial Work Platforms, Ladders, and Scaffolds

Matthew Rice
36 Asbestos Hazards and Controls Paul Connelly

Beryllium Hazards and Controls

Paul Blodgett
39 Noise Hazard Assessment and Control Herb Toor

Heat Stress Hazard Assessment and Control

Dan Best
41 Ventilation, Hoods, and HEPA Filters Laurel Davis

Drinking Water Safety

Heather Madison
43 Non-ionizing Radiation Robert Fairchild

Respiratory Protection

Herb Toor
49 Air Quality Ned Borglin

Environmental Radiological Protection Program

Linnea Wahl
51 Environmental Releases Ron Pauer
53 Fixed Treatment Units Robert Fox
54 Transporting and Shipping Hazardous Materials Andrew Peterson
55 Sanitary Sewer Program Robert Fox
56 Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasures Program Robert Fox
57 Storm Water Pollution Prevention Robert Fox
58 Underground Storage Tanks Robert Fox
59 Vegetation Sampling and Management Linnea Wahl

Traffic and Pedestrian Safety

Mike Wisherop

Soil and Groundwater Management

David Baskin
62 Environmental Monitoring Ron Pauer
63 Polychlorinated Biphenyl (PCB) Management Robert Fox

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