Quick Start Guide
Chapter 15: Occurrence Reporting

New 01/12
URL: http://www.lbl.gov/ehs/pub3000/CH15.html
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Who needs to know about these requirements?

The requirements of Chapter 15, Occurrence Reporting, apply to all employees, supervisors, affiliates, and subcontractors, but primarily to division personnel responsible for investigating, analyzing, and reporting occurrences.


Department of Energy (DOE) Order 232.2 compels Berkeley Lab to report specific occurrences to DOE following the requirements established by DOE.

What you need to do before performing work:

Understand that abnormal events and unsafe conditions must be corrected and/or reported to Berkeley Lab so that they may be investigated and corrected as appropriate.

Where to find out more:

Berkeley Lab Health and Safety Manual (PUB-3000), Chapter 15, Occurrence Reporting

Whom to contact for help: