Appendix F: Noncombustible Insulated Electrical Cable

DOE and the NEC, require the use of flame-retardant electrical cables in buildings. Specifically, cables installed in open cable trays, building vertical shafts (risers), and air plenums must have a flame-retardant outer jacket.

The extra-flexible cables AWG #2 and AWG #12 with the transparent covers designed for use with ground hooks (Stock Nos. 6145-51726 and 6145-71376, respectively) are not rated for use in plenums, risers, or trays.

All Laboratory research divisions and support groups are responsible for ensuring that properly rated and listed cables are used in installations where the cable is exposed in cable trays, air plenums, building risers, or in experimental areas. For assistance with the wiring of research equipment, contact Electronics Engineering.


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