Appendix D: Fabrication And Maintenance Practices

Design and construct equipment to protect personnel. First-line and backup safeguards should be provided to prevent personnel from accessing energized circuits. Establish periodic tests to verify that these protective systems are operative.

D1: Equipment Acceptability

Electrical equipment is considered safe only when it is used as specifically intended by its listing and design. Equipment must not be altered beyond the original design intent, and must not be used for any purpose other than that for which it was constructed.

Any equipment that is being recommissioned must be examined and/or tested, as appropriate, to verify the status of all safety features and the integrity of construction.

D2: Equipment Safety Practices

D3: Enclosures

The following specifications apply to circuits operating at greater than 50V, or storing more than 100J. An enclosure may be a room, a barricaded area, or an equipment cabinet:


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