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Chapter 2: EHSS Division Charter

Revised 09/12
URL: https://commons.lbl.gov/display/rpm2/EHSS+Division+Charter
Revision Record: http://www.lbl.gov/ehs/pub3000/Pub3000Changes.html

Who needs to know about these requirements?

The requirements of the EHSS Division Charter apply to all work done at Berkeley Lab.


The primary objective of the Environment, Health, Safety, and Security (EHSS) Division is to protect workers, the public, and our environment by providing efficient and effective professional and technical expertise, follow-on services, and integrated Environment, Safety & Health policy to Berkeley Lab's research and support programs.

What you need to do before performing work:

To achieve its ES&H objective, Berkeley Lab has adopted the principles and practices of the Integrated Safety Management System (ISMS).

Where to find out more:

Whom to contact for help:

EHSS Division