LBNL ISM External Audit Final Report Nov. 2006

Documentation in Support of
Integrated Safety Management Systems Audit
September 18-27, 2006

McCallum/Turner Subject Area

LBNL Documentation

Overarching Plans

ISM Plan

PUB-3140 “Integrated Environment, Health and Safety Management Plan”

Strategic Plan

Department of Energy Laboratory Plans

Annual Operating Plan


Quality Assurance Program Plan

LBNL Operating and Assurance Plan, April 2000

Requirements Management Process

Work Smart Standards Update Process
Work Smart Standards Project



R&D Experimental Planning and Execution

Experimental Planning Process

PUB-3000, Chapter 6

Hazard Analysis and Controls Process

Authorization Process

Management Observations

Feedback and Improvement



Maintenance and Operations Activities

Work Planning Process

Maximo CMMS – Job Plans, Operational/Administrative/Emergency Procedures, Engineering Master Specifications

Hazard Analysis and Controls Process (JHA, JSA)

Maximo CMMS – Task Hazard Analysis and Pre-start (Safety Task Analysis Risk Reduction) forms

Work Authorization

Maximo CMMS -  work orders/Supervision approval

Pre-Job Briefings

Work Order assignment from Supervisor/Lead to worker(s).

Work Observations

Supervisor/Lead, WOW program

Worker Involvement/Feedback and Improvement

WOW program, weekly tail gate safety meetings, Work order completion.  Performance Review process.



Performance Management

Contractor Assurance Plan/Process

UC Assurance Plan for LBNL, October 2005

Self-Assessment Process

PUB-5344 “Environment, Safety, and Health Self-Assessment Program

Event/Occurrence Reporting Process

LBNL Occurrence Reporting and Processing System

Causal Analysis Process

PUB-3000, Chapter 5

Corrective Action Management Process

LBNL Corrective Action Tracking System (CATS) (password required)

Trending and Analysis of Performance

PUB-5344 “Environment, Safety, and Health Self-Assessment Program



Worker Safety and Health

Radiation Protection Program

PUB-3000, Chapter 21
EH&S Radiation Protection Group

Industrial Safety Program

PUB-3000, Chapter 5
EH&S Occupational Safety Group

Industrial Hygiene Program

PUB-3000, Chapter 4
EH&S Industrial Hygiene Group



Waste Management/Environmental Protection

Waste Management/Certification Process

PUB-3000, Chapter 20
EH&S Waste Management Group

Environmental Monitoring

PUB-3000, Chapter 11
EH&S Environmental Services Group



Training and Qualifications

Process for T&Q of R&D personnel

PUB-3000, Chapter 24

Process for T&Q of Students, Visitors, etc.

Process for T&Q of Maintenance and Operations personnel



Other Documents

DOE Integrated Safety Management Audits

DOE O 226.1 Implementation of Department of Energy Oversight Policy

Draft DOE M 226.1-1 DOE Safety Oversight Manual

McCallum-Turner Proposal

September 2004 Longenecker Audit of Assurance Systems

Division Information: Contacts and ISM Plans

McCallum-Turner Scoping Visit Agenda and Presentations (August 2006)

McCallum-Turner Audit Sept. 18-27 Work Plan

McCallum-Turner Outbrief Slides September 27, 2006

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