LBNL ISM External Audit Final Report Nov. 2006

Integrated Safety Management Systems Review
September, 2006
LBNL Division Information 1


Division Technical Contact 2

Integrated Safety Management Plan

Accelerator and Fusion Research


AFRD ISM Plan 2004

Advanced Light Source


Adv Light Source ISM Plan 2005

Berkeley West Biocenter
(not a separate Division, cooperative betw. Life Sciences and Physical Biosciences)

Aindrila Mukhopadhyay  415-310-1266
(Phys. Biosciences)

Life Sciences Division Safety Plan 2005

PBD ISM Plan 2005

Chemical Sciences

Ali Belkacem x7778
Jerry Bucher x7167

Chemical Sciences Division ISM Plan 2006

Computing Sciences Directorate


Computing Sciences ISM Plan 2005




Earth Sciences

Tom Daley x7316

Earth Sciences ISM Plan 2005


Group Leader Level: Sergio Zimmerman 495-2964 (Electronics), Rob Duarte x7229 (Mechanical)

Technical Supervision Level: Bob Candelario x5473 (Electronics), Guy Pulsifer x6090 (Mechanical – Shops)

Matrixed to the ALS: Walter Barry x6705 (Electrical), and Dan Colomb x4240

Engineering ISM Plan 2004 (password required)

Environment, Health & Safety


EH&S ISM Plan 2006

Environmental Energy Technologies

Donald Lucas x7002

EETD ISM Plan 2006



Facilities Division ISM Plan 2006

Genomics JGI


Genomics Division ISM Plan 2005

Information Technology

Dwayne Ramsey 495-2971
Linda Smith x4440
Ted Sopher x4144
John Hutchings x7505
Rosemary Lowden 495-2426
Diana Brown x7024

Computing Sciences ISM Plan 2005 3

Life Sciences

Scott Taylor x4103
Stacey Guany x6021

Life Sciences Division Safety Plan 2005

Material Sciences

Rick Kelly x4088
Mark Alper x6581

MSD Draft ISM Plan 2006

Nuclear Sciences


NSD ISM Plan 2007

Physical Biosciences

Corie Ralston 495-2594
 (Protein Crystallography @ ALS)

PBD ISM Plan 2005


Jim Siegrist x4397

Physics ISM Plan 2006

1. All phone numbers are 510-486-XXXX unless otherwise noted.

2. Designated by the Division as a first point of contact for interviews regarding technical work performed within the Division.

3. Information Technology was moved from Computing Sciences Directorate to Operations Directorate in early 2006. The 2005 Computing Sciences ISM Plan includes Information Technology. IT has not yet written its own ISM Plan to reflect its new organizational status.

Last updated 2/21/07