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Potential Questions for those Conducting Subcontractor Oversight

Technical Administrator (or similar role for vendors, etc.)

  1. Describe your expectations for safety, how you communicate these expectations to the subcontractor, and how you know the expectations are understood by the subcontractor and their staff.
  2. Who is responsible for the safety of subcontracted work?
  3. How are hazards of the subcontracted work identified and analyzed to determine appropriate controls.  How is this communicated to the subcontractor?
  4. Tell me about the role of the line managers, workers, Safety Coordinator, the Safety Liaison, SMEs, and any others involved in this process.
  5. What is done to authorize the start of a task or activity to be performed by a subcontractor?  Who authorizes the work for subcontractors?  What role do you play in this authorization?  
  6. Describe how it is assured that the subcontractor and their staff understand the hazards and use the prescribed controls.
  7. How frequently are you in the work area?  How do you observe work activities?  Are there other staff from LBNL you use or depend on for oversight of subcontractor activities?
  8. What is expected of subcontractors in assuring safety of work activities and their personnel?  How is this communicated?
  9. As tasks evolve, tell me how any changes in the scope of work or hazards associated with the work are identified and examined to determine if changes in controls are needed.  What do you do when during the course of a job, the conditions change or something unexpected is encountered?
  10. What action would you take if you see an unsafe condition or unsafe behavior on the part of a subcontractor’s staff?  Can you give me an example?
  11. How do you evaluate the overall safety performance of the subcontractor?