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DOE-HSS Office of ES&H Evaluations (HS-64) Scoping Visit
To Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
December 3-4, 2008

December 3, 2008

8:00 am            Aundra Richards, BSO Manager – Bill Eckroade, Director of Office of Independent Oversight (1:1)

8:30 am            Steven Chu, LBNL Director - Bill Eckroade, Director of Office of Independent Oversight (1:1)

9:00 am            BSO, UC and LBNL Welcome – Aundra Richards, Bruce Darling, Steve Chu

9:15 am            Purpose, Scope and Process of the Review – Tom Staker

10:15 am          Break

10:30 am          BSO and LBNL Overview

11:15 am          Division Overviews (10 minutes each)

      • CSD, MSD, NSD, ALS, EETD,

12:30 pm          Lunch Break

1:15 pm            Division Overviews (10 minutes each)

      • PBD, LSD, GEN, ESD, FAC

2:30 pm            Observe Bldg 70/70A activities

3:30 pm            Observe ALS/Bldg 2 Labs activities

5:00 pm            Wrap-up Day 1 and planning for Day 2

December 4, 2008

8:00 am            Observe Waste Management, Bldg 74, Bldg. 84 Labs activities

10:00 am          Travel to and Observe JBEI activities

12 noon            Lunch Break and travel to Joint Genome Institute

1:00 pm            Observe Joint Genome Institute activities

2:30-3:00 pm   Return to Lab

3:00 pm            Observe Bldg 88 Cyclotron activities

4:30 pm            Close-out w/BSO and Laboratory Management

      • Comments on tentative scope of the review
      • Follow-up on logistics, document needs
      • Planning for Planning visit