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List of Acronyms Supporting the Health, Safety and Security Review

AHD Activity Hazard Document
AHJ Authority Having Jurisdiction
BSO Berkeley Site Office, US Department of Energy
BUA Biological Use Authorization
BUR Biological Use Registration
CAP Corrective Action Plan
CATS Corrective Action Tracking System
CHSP Chemical Hygiene and Safety Plan
CMS Chemical Management System
DART Days Away or on Reduced Time – a metric used to describe the frequency of accidents resulting in lost time. A DART accident is one when the individual is either away from the lab or on work restriction due to an injury.
DL Division Liaison
DSC Division Safety Coordinator
GLA Generally Licensed Source Authorization
HMS Hazard Management System
HSS Office of Independent Oversight within the Office of Health, Safety and Security, US Department of Energy
ISM Integrated Safety Management
JHA Job Hazards Analysis
S-JHA Job Hazards Analysis for a Subcontractor or Vendor
LOTO Lockout/Tagout
MOU Memorandum of Understanding
NTS Non-Compliance Tracking System
OCA Office of Contract Assurance
OJT On-the-Job Training
ORPS Occurrence Reporting and Processing System
PPE Personal Protective Equipment
PUB-3000 LBNL Publication 3000 “Health and Safety Manual”
RWA Radiological Work Authorization
RWP Radiological Work Permit
SAA Satellite Accumulation Area
SRC Safety Review Committee
TRC Total Recordable Case Rate – a metric used to describe the frequency of accidents resulting in non-trivial injuries. If the injuries resulting from an accident exceed one of a number of criteria, it is a TRC accident.
WAA Waste Accumulation Area
WHSP Worker Safety and Health Program, PUB-3851