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Environment, Health and Safety Division


HEPA Filter Testing

High efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters may be used to filter hazardous chemical, biological, or radioactive particles from air streams with an efficiency of 99.97 percent. HEPA filters used for safety at Berkeley Lab can be found in vacuum cleaners used to clean up dust and debris that contain asbestos, lead, or other particulates; biological safety cabinets in which biohazardous materials are handled; and in-place ventilation exhaust systems connected to lab hoods and glove boxes where radionuclides are used. LBNL tests HEPA filters to determine whether their particle removal efficiency has been maintained.

For information regarding the testing of HEPA filtering systems contact the EH&S HEPA filter program coordinator Laurel Davis, ext. 2324 (

For more information regarding ventilation and HEPA filters, please click here to see Chapter 4.6 of Pub3000.