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Hearing Conservation

Noise sources at the Berkeley Lab are associated with, but not limited to, the Facilities and Engineering shops, mechanical rooms throughout the site, construction projects, and emergency generators. Engineering controls, such as enclosing noise sources (i.e., pumps, generators) and acoustical material (i.e., mechanical room walls and ceilings) are implemented when feasible. EH&S Industrial Hygienists evaluate high noise areas with sound level meters and noise dosimeters to determine if employees need to be enrolled in the Lab's Hearing Conservation Program. Employees enrolled in the Program receive a baseline audiogram and training and annually thereafter. Employees exposed to noise sources in excess of 85 decibels will be enrolled in the Program. Hearing protection must be made available to employees exposed to noise sources in excess of 85 decibels and is required in excess of 90 decibels. Hearing protection is available from Stores in B78. Contact Herb Toor at x5918 if you would like to request a noise evaluation.