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Waste: Hazardous, Biohazardous, Medical or Radioactive

Do not transport or ship hazardous material wastes off-site. Only Waste Management, Radiation Protection or approved laboratory vendors are allowed to transport and ship hazardous, biohazardous, medical or radioactive waste, or a mixture of these wastes.

A requisition must be submitted to have the waste picked up. Electronic requisition forms can be submitted from Provide at least 2 week notice for pickup.  

Contact a Generator Assistant ( for assistance. Additional information can be found at including:

  • PUB-3092, Guidelines for Generators to Meet HWHF Acceptance Requirements for Hazardous, Radioactive and Mixed Wastes at Berkeley Lab Guidelines
  • PUB-3093, WAA Guidelines
PUB-3095 Medical and Biohazardous Wastes Generator’s Guide