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LBNL Controlled Substance Program

Controlled substances can be used for various purposes in research.  However, they have some specific requirements to assure that they aren't diverted for illegal purposes.  This web site contains the information needed to comply with all regulations from the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and LBNL policies.

Controlled Substances Definition:
A controlled substance is defined as a drug or other substance regulated by the Department of Justice/Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) in sections 21 CFR 1300 - 1308 and specifically identified in Schedules I-V. A controlled substance used for research purposes requires a specific DEA registration. The Schedules are based on the potential for abuse with Schedule I substances have the highest potential for abuse, Schedule V substances have the lowest.

Use of controlled substances requires registration with the EHSS Program Administrator. The authorized users must conform to all purchasing, inventory, and disposal requirements as set forth in the DEA regulations, and LBNL policies.


Listed Substances Definition:
A listed substance is an ingredient in the manufacture of a controlled substance.  Listed substances are divided into List I and List II based on their importance in the manufacturing process. 

Listed substances have threshold amounts established by the DEA Administrator.  These thresholds apply to single or multiple transactions (within a month) and require reporting by the distributor of the chemical.  There are no reporting requirements for LBNL because we do not distribute these chemicals, we are the "end user".

Since these chemicals can be used to manufacture a controlled substance, it is vital that individuals understand how they are using these materials so that inadvertent production of a controlled substance is avoided.

Contacts for more information:

Laurel Davis, 510 495-2324


List of Controlled Substances

Exempt Substances List

LBNL Requirements and Policies Manual — Controlled Substances

LBNL Environment Safety & Health Manual — Controlled Substances

University of California Policy BUS 50, Controlled Substances.  The Guidance document is Appendix A of this policy

DOE Order 580.1A, Department of Energy Personal Property Management Program, Contractor Requirements Document

21 Code of Federal Regulations 1300-1310

21 US Code Chapter 13, Sections 801- 971  Drug Abuse Prevention and Control