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Frequently Asked Questions — This Page Under Construction

How do I know if I'm ordering a controlled substance?

If you think you are ordering a controlled substance, you can look up the chemical here. If the chemical is on this list, it is controlled and you must follow all requirements found on this web page. Also check the exempt chemical preparations list found here. If you can use a substance on this list instead of a controlled substance you do not need to comply with DEA regulations.

All controlled substance orders are routed for approval to the EHSS Program Administrator. If you have ordered a controlled substance inadvertently or do not have a registration form on file, you will be contacted by the EHSS Program Administrator.

What do I do if I need to order a controlled substance?

See "Getting Started" section of this web page. You can also contact the Controlled Substance Program Administrator at 5514.

I think some of my controlled substance is missing. What do I do?

If you discover that there is a loss of material or material that cannot be accounted for, you must contact the EHS Program Administrator within 24 hours of discovery. The EHS Program Administrator will initiate an investigation and will contact UCPD and the DEA.

What are the storage requirements for controlled substances?

Controlled substances must be kept in a substantially constructed lockable cabinet or safe. See the "Guidelines for Storage" section on this web page for criteria in choosing a storage cabinet or safe and some suggested vendors.

How do I need to track the use of my controlled substances?

You must be able to account for the entire quantity of the controlled substance you ordered by maintaining a starting inventory and entering all quantities used. Quantities of a controlled substance that are awaiting disposal must be maintained on the inventory/use log until sent for disposal. See the "Records" section on this web page. Make sure you keep the packing slips that come with your order in your files and the inventory/use logs for a minimum of 2 years.

I use chemicals that appear on List I and List II. What do I need to do?

You should be aware that chemicals on List I and List II can be used to manufacture controlled substances. Make sure that you are not creating any controlled substances during your work. There are no inventory or reporting requirements for possessing a List I or II substance.