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Confined Space Program
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Confined spaces are difficult to enter and exit, and are generally not designed for continuous human occupancy. When a confined space contains a hazard, they can be extremely dangerous. Every year there are a number of fatalities that occur from confined space accidents, and often this includes someone who was just trying to help rescue a coworker. 

Examples of confined spaces at the LBNL include round manholes, vaults, research vessels, tanks and ducts. The Confined Space Inventory provides a guide to these spaces. The LBNL procedures that must be followed to ensure your safety are in Chapter 34 of PUB 3000.

If you, or a coworker, must enter a space that might be a confined space, become familiar with the LBNL procedures that are in place to protect your health and safety. At any time, you may contact the Confined Space Program Manager, Mark Schmidt for questions, evaluations, and for assistance with the LBNL procedures at or x2914.


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