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Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBL) has adopted an Asbestos Management Program. The policy is to immediately remove or repair all asbestos containing materials that pose a significant health hazard due to location or condition. Asbestos that is in good condition will be maintained in a condition that will not produce a significant risk to LBL personnel. Asbestos containing material will be removed, repaired and/or protected prior to planned renovations, demolitions, or modifications that may result in its disturbance. All removal and repairs shall be conducted in a safe manner that is consistent with applicable regulations, DOE requirements, and recognized good practice. EH&S Industrial Hygienists are available to evaluate the condition of asbestos containing material and to determine if controls are necessary. Additionally, the Industrial Hygiene Group maintains an inventory of the location of asbestos containing material. A copy of the inventory may be obtained by contacting Rob Connelly at x4028.

PUB 3000 link to LBNL's Asbestos Management Program document:

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