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Activity Hazard

Document (AHD)

The Activity Hazard Document (AHD) is an authorization used to document the analysis and controls for hazards that do not have specific analytical tools prescribed elsewhere. In general, if a hazard exceeds the trigger level specified in Chapter 6 Appendix B of Pub3000, or if a hazard or combination of hazards in an activity exceeds those authorized by the applicable Line Management Authorization, an Activity Hazard Document must be prepared unless the hazard has already been included in a broader, facility-based analysis.

LBNL manages AHDs through an electronic management system. Many divisions have internal procedures for preparation and review of AHDs. Work leaders must consult with their division safety coordinator/administrator to determine what his or her division’s procedures include. Regardless of a division’s internal procedures, all actions (initial authorization, reauthorization, updating user list, etc.) must take place within the electronic management system. The version of the AHD in the electronic management system is the version of record.

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For more information regarding the AHD preparation, review, authorization and reauthorization process, see Chapter 6 Appendix B of Pub3000. For more information about LBNL formal authorizations, see Chapter 6 of Pub3000.