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Summary of Program


This program evaluates beryllium-associated workers every three-years. Included in the evaluation are the following:

  • Detailed medical and work history
  • Completion of a respiratory symptom questionnaire
  • Physical examination with emphasis on the respiratory system
  • Blood test known as the Beryllium-Lymphocyte Proliferation Test, or Be-LPT (a test that can determine beryllium sensitization)
  • Other medical evaluations thought appropriate by the examining physician
  • Chest x-ray (at baseline and every 5 years)

The data is used to determine whether you may have been sensitized to beryllium in the course of your work here at the Laboratory. The data collected in the evaluation will be stored in hard copy form, not electronically, in your confidential medical file in the Health Services Department at LBNL.  The results of your medical tests will also be included in the Beryllium Registry maintained by the Department of Energy, but your data will not be identified by name.

Aside from some possible soreness or bruising of your arm from venipuncture (if you choose the blood test), there is essentially no risk involved in participating in this program. If your Be-LPT test is positive, you may benefit from this information in terms of possible treatment and avoidance of further exposure to beryllium.

For your convenience, all beryllium forms are available on this website for completion prior to your scheduled visit to Health Services.

Beryllium Health Surveillance Program Forms