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Clinical Services: Health Promotion

Programs and Services



The LBNL Occupational Health Program consists of occupational and environmental health physicians, nurses, medical technologists, a disability specialist, a safety optometrist, human and animal regulatory committee specialists, and support personnel. The team provides comprehensive medical support to a diverse, highly technological workforce of 3,823 employees, a portion of whom are faculty and students, and nearly 2000 participating guests each year.

The Occupational Health Services Department is available to assist employees Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. We are located in Building 26. Limited parking is available and LBNL shuttle routes include a stop near Occupational Health Services.

Voluntary New Hire Physicals All new career LBNL employees are eligible to receive a comprehensive baseline physical examination. The physical examination consists of the following: a) health history b) physical examination c) routine laboratory analysis (CBC, blood chemistry panel, lipoprotein analysis and urinalysis d) audiogram e) vision screening for acuity f) pulmonary function testing g) electrocardiogram when indicated. The results of the physical exam and the laboratory tests are confidential.

Other laboratory work is available at the time of the physical for a nominal fee. There is no charge for a lipoprotein analysis at the voluntary new hire physical, but the test is available for a charge of $5.00 upon request at the time of other eligible physicals. Thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) is available for $4.00, and prostate specific antigen for $9.00. Fasting is not required. However, for best interpretation of cholesterol and blood sugar results, fasting for 8 hours is highly recommended. A 12 hour fast is required for accurate lipid testing.

Prescription Safety Glasses Prescription safety glasses are available at no cost to LBNL employees. A current prescription is required. If you do not have a current prescription the clinic’s optometrist can provide this service for $40 (payable by cash or check only). This amount may be partially reimbursable through your vision care plan. There is no charge for the lenses or frames, and employees are limited to one pair per year.

The optometrist is available on Thursdays at Building 26. Appointments are required and can be made at x6266. Questions about your prescription should be directed to Dr. Bern Hale, x 7642 or

Laser Eye Exam All Class 3b and Class 4 laser users who will be at LBNL for more than one month must complete a special LBNL laser eye examination. The examination is administered by an optometrist through the Health Services Department. An appointment for a laser eye exam can be made by calling Health Services at x6266.

It is strongly recommended that the laser user receive an additional laser eye examination one year after any previous laser use, and on termination of employment. Additional laser eye examinations will be performed as follow-up to suspected eye exposure, or at the request of the Laser Safety Officer Robert Fairchild or user.

Travel Health Services is available to assist LBNL business travelers with health-specific travel advice and vaccinations. Travel advice is based on destination, travel route, and length of stay. Services are free to LBNL employees.

Before you Travel
Contact Health Services at least 2–4 weeks prior to your trip to allow adequate time to complete any necessary vaccines or other unique requests. A pre-travel consultation can be done by phone (ext.6266). If needed, a follow-up appointment will be scheduled.

Travel Appointment
A clinician will review your relevant medical history and discuss general and region-specific health risks (such as travelers diarrhea and malaria). Vaccinations, if needed, will be initiated (some vaccines require more than 1 dose, separated by days, weeks or even months). You will also be provided first aid supplies based upon your destination and work plan.

Important: Some destinations have mandatory requirements (e.g., CERN or countries that require Yellow Fever vaccine certification). Please contact Health Services as soon as you know your plans to allow sufficient preparation time.

After you Return Home
Business travelers who are ill or become ill shortly after returning should contact Health Services for evaluation or referral to a travel medicine specialist. Conditions that should be evaluated include gastrointestinal illness, respiratory infections, skin lesions or rashes and fevers.

Medical Surveillance The purpose of these programs is to identify and monitor LBNL employees who work under conditions and with materials that have a potential health risk. Some of these may include carcinogens, biological agents, toxic chemicals, noise, and lasers. Exams are done in order to prevent occupationally related problems in a preclinical stage, so that they may be easily managed.

Periodic Physical Program Voluntary periodic physical exams are offered. The history, physical examination and associated lab tests provide an assessment of overall health and review of exposures with an occupational health professional. All test results are confidential and copies are available to you at no cost. The frequency of eligibility for these periodic exams is based upon your age. For employees age 40 and under periodic physicals may be taken every 5 years; between 41 and 49 years of age taken every three years; and ages 50 years and up every two years.

First Aid LBNL's occupational health program attempts to minimize sick absence and reduced productivity due to marginal or permanent disability. Employees may consult with the occupational health staff regarding the need to seek further medical treatment with their own provider for non-occupationally related illnesses & injuries. No treatment is provided for non-occupational illnesses other than advice & first aid. Employees should report to health services for non-occupational health illnesses if they have been absent from work longer than 5 days upon their return to work. Employees should report to health services after any medical treatment for occupational illnesses or injuries.

Workers' Compensation If you have occupational injury or illness, you should immediately contact your supervisor and report your injury to health services in building 26. Occupational health professionals will evaluate your injury, render first aid, and when necessary, refer you to a treating physician or your pre-designated personal physician for further medical care. California's workers' compensation law guarantees prompt, automatic benefits to workers injured on the job. The third party Workers' Compensation administrator will provide any medical or compensation benefits an injured worker is entitled to receive. If you have any questions, regarding your workers' compensation claim, contact Octagon Risk Services at 433-5300. More details regarding a summary of your benefits can be found on LBNL's human resource homepage.

Employee Assistance Program The LBNL Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provides free, confidential counseling, consultation, and referral for LBNL staff. The program is provided through CARE services and is part of the UC campus University Health Services. The CARE staff counselors are a diverse group of professionals trained and experienced in dealing with a wide variety of work-related personal issues, including: work and personal stress, emotional concerns, family and relationship difficulties, alcohol and drug problems, and financial and legal matters. Services are available to LBNL full-time career employees and their dependents in UC's Tang center on campus.