Site Environmental Report for 1999
Reader Survey


To our readers:

The annual Site Environmental Report publishes the results of environmental monitoring at Ernest Orlando Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and documents our compliance with federal, state, and local environmental regulations. Please take a few moments of your time to complete the following reader survey:

1. Is the writing

too concise? too verbose? uneven? just right?

2. Is the technical content

too high? too low? uneven? just right?



3. Is the report comprehensive?

   (Please identify missing issues in the comments section below.)

4. Do the illustrations help you understand the text better?

   Are the figures understandable?

   Are there too few?

   Are there too many?

5. Are the data tables of interest?

   Would you prefer short summaries of data trends instead?

6. Is the background information sufficient?

7. Are the methodologies described reasonably understandable?

Other comments:

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Return completed surveys to Berkeley Lab by mail, fax, or electronic submission. Address mailed surveys to:

Michael Ruggieri
Ernest Orlando Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
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Berkeley, CA 94720

Send faxed surveys to Mr. Ruggieri’s attention at (510) 486-4776. The electronic version of the survey form may be found in the on-line edition of the Site Environmental Report for 1999,located on Berkeley Lab’s World Wide Web site (home page: