Each year, Ernest Orlando Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory prepares an integrated report on its environmental programs to satisfy the requirements of U.S. Department of Energy Order 231.1. The Site Environmental Report for 1998 is intended to summarize Berkeley Labís compliance with environmental standards and requirements, characterize environmental management efforts through surveillance and monitoring activities, and highlight significant programs and efforts for calendar year 1998.

The report is separated into two volumes. Volume I contains a general overview of the Laboratory, the status of environmental programs, and summary results from surveillance and monitoring activities. Each chapter in volume I begins with an outline of the sections that follow, including any tables or figures found in the chapter. Readers should use section numbers (e.g., ß1.5) as navigational tools to find topics of interest in either the printed or the electronic version of the report. Volume II contains the individual data results from monitoring programs. Although a printed version of volume II is not part of the reportís initial distribution, it is available on request (see below).

The report follows the Laboratoryís policy of using the International System of Units (SI) or metric system of measurements. Whenever possible, results are also reported using the more conventional inch-pound system of measurements because this system is referenced by some current regulatory standards and may be more familiar to some readers. The tables included at the end of the glossary are intended to help readers understand the various prefixes used with SI units of measurement and convert these units from one system to the other.

This report was prepared under the direction of Michael Ruggieri of the Environmental Protection Group. Iraj Javandel, Ginny Lackner, Michael Ruggieri, Patrick Thorson, and Henry Tran were the primary authors of the report. Other key contributors of programmatic information include David Baskin, Robert Fox, Lori Fries, Rich McClure, Nancy Rothermich, Brian Smith, Mark Turner, and Steve Wyrick.

This report was prepared through Berkeley Labís Technical & Electronic Information Department. Maryann Aberg managed technical editing, design, and production of the report, assisted by Jean Wolslegel (composition), Flavio Robles, Jr., and Denise Allen (illustration), and Erik Richman (Web services).

Copies of the report are available from several resources: the Office of Scientific and Technical Information and the National Technical Information Service (for address, see Disclaimer), the Berkeley Lab Web site (; choose "Site Index"), or Michael Ruggieri (telephone: (510) 486-5440; e-mail: