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Environment, Health, & Safety Division

7.0    Standards, Policies, References, and Resources

7.1       Standards

7.2       Policies

7.2.1    Health and Safety Manual (PUB-3000) Chapters

7.2.2 Other Biosafety-related LBNL Publications

  • Berkeley Lab Export Control Manual
  • Biosafety, Security, and Incident Response Plan for Select Agents, LBNL, latest version.
  • PUB-5341, Chemical Hygiene and Safety Plan, LBNL, latest version
  • PUB-533, Master Emergency Program Plan for Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, LBNL, latest version
  • PUB-3140, Integrated Environment, Health & Safety Management Plan, LBNL, latest version
  • PUB-3095, Medical and Biohazardous Waste Generator Guidelines, LBNL, latest revision
  • Site Safeguards and Security Plan, LBNL, latest version (a controlled document)
  • Site Security Plan for the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

7.3       References

7.4       Resources