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Lessons Summaries

The following lessons learned are available:

  1. Faulty Portable Electrical Cords and Relocatable Power Taps
  2. Instant Adhesive Eye Injury
  3. Pressurization of Anhydrous Hydrogen Fluoride Cylinder
  4. Hot Plate Switch Failure
  5. Heat source, flammable liquid, and combustible materials
  6. Failure to properly control items labeled as radioactive material
  7. Failure to Control Unexpected Electrical Hazards
  8. Failure to Control Hazards
  9. Stormwater Best Management Practices
  10. Transportation and Storage of Sealed Sources
  11. Radiological work beyond authorized scope
  12. Effects of pressure and thermal shock
  13. Electrical Equipment with Improper Wiring
  14. Controls for Peroxide Forming Chemicals
  15. Applying ISM to Sub-Contractors
  16. Working with Cryogens
  17. Importance of Treating Minor Injuries
  18. Control of Laboratory Vehicles
  19. Mixing Compressed Gases in Cylinders
  20. Handling Toner
  21. Mislabeled Waste Causes Needle Puncture to Hazardous Waste Worker
  22. Broken Leg Resulting From Fall On Slippery Machine Shop Floor
  23. Abandoned Laboratory Chemicals and Excess Chemical Cleanouts
  24. Lack of Proper Authorization for Use of A Radioactive Material
  25. Researcher Receives 2nd and 3rd Degree Burn to Fingers from Electrical Timer
  26. Improper Alarm Shutoff Switch Allows System Failure to Be Undetected
  27. Deteriorated Nalgene Bottle Causes Acid To Leak Onto Power Strip
  28. Mercury Filled Thermometers
  29. Poor Lockout/Tagout Communication Creates an Electrical Hazard
  30. Employee Injured by Ground Glass Joint
  31. 133Ba Skin Contamination
  32. Voluntary Recall of In-sink Instant Hot Water Dispensers
  33. Student Laboratory Safety
  34. Explosive Azides
  35. Cutting Edge Safety
  36. Recall of APC Back-Up Batteries
  37. Step Stool Hazards