WM Bulletin FY00-02: Abandoned Laboratory Chemicals and Excess Chemical Cleanouts

Who should read this bulletin? ES&H Coordinators, Division Liaisons, Principle Investigators

Recently the Waste Management Group has experienced an increase in the number of requests for lab cleanouts either because the researcher left or the labs want to get rid of some of their chemical inventory. Abandoned chemicals present compliance and safety liabilities. Processing can be delayed if no one knows what these materials are, causing significant costs to the Division for characterization. We encourage the prudent removal of excess chemicals to maintain a safe and compliant work place. To that end, we ask the Divisions do the following:

For each lab location,

  1. Compile a list of unused or surplus chemicals (not stock solutions or experimental products). Note any containers that are still factory sealed (unopened).
  2. Fax this list to your WM Generator Assistance Specialist.
  3. If the list is multiple pages, it may take several weeks for review, however we will periodically communicate our progress.
  4. Your Generator Assistance Specialist will inform you of all items that are hazardous. You will then be required to submit a hazardous waste requisition for all hazardous waste items.
  5. Stock solutions, experimental products, radioactive and mixed waste must be put on the appropriate requisition.

The purpose of this review is to screen out any non-regulated chemicals that can be thrown in the trash or disposed of via the sanitary sewer. We will also review unopened items for possible inclusion in the Chemical Exchange inventory.

The list is not meant to be a substitute for a waste requisition. The list should contain a complete description of the material, including the CAS number if available, and the amount.

If your Division is planning multiple lab cleanouts, contact your Generator Assistance Specialist to coordinate timing.

For additional help, contact . . .

Building 55/64: Jon Kawamoto (x7632)

Donner: Amy Tanouye (x6896)

Calvin: Dr. Maram Kassis (x6823)

NTLF: Chan Yi (x5886)

Nancy Rothermich (x4644)

Waste Management Group Leader