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How to use the LBNL directory search pages

How to find people at LBNL

If you enter a single word, the directory will search for one of the following:
  • Partial first or last name. (e.g. Tony or Smith)
  • E-mail address (e.g. JRSmith)
  • The end of a phone number- usually the extension. (e.g. 6965)
  • The employee ID #
If you enter two words, the directory will search for:
  • The combination of both the beginning of a FIRST name and the beginning of a LAST name. When BOTH first and second words are matched, the name is displayed. This is the prefered method of searching- fewer entries are returned in general and the search is fairly quick.

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Two-letter name searches

Search for a last name of two letters by entering two letters followed by a comma, as in Wu,

Example of searching for people

Let's assume we are looking for Tony Smith. Typing Smith would find everyone with last name starting with Smith. Since there are many people with LAST name starting with Smith, you should probably enter T Smith to reduce the number of items coming back. T Smith will search for someone with a first name starting with T and a last name starting with Smith.

Searching by first name

Let's assume we are looking for Tony Smith but you can't remember his first name.

You can search for anyone whose first name is tony by entering tony*.

Sorting of information

Entries are sorted by last name and then by first name, if the last names are the same.

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"Advanced search" form

The advanced search form lets you explicitly specify the attributes to search by, such as first name, office location or phone number or combinations of these attributes.
Note Well: Search for a people in building such as "46" by entering "46-" in the "Location #" field.

Wild Card Searches

The symbol `*' is used to denote a sequence of any number (including 0) of arbitrary characters. For example,

*land matches all people whose names end in land.

Please note, however, that there is some weirdness in the way the wild card stuff is implemented - you will get more matches than you should at times. The LBNL directory will support up to 2 wild card characters.

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Hostname/DNS lookup

You may search for contact and location information for any host that is on LBLnet by entering its name or IP address using the hostname/DNS lookup form

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How to add a link to your website in your directory listing

Use the Berkeley Lab Directory User Homepage Manager to add a link to your website in your directory listing.

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