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Construction Projects

Strategic Projects—Status and Highlights

Integrative Genomics Building: The installation of the micropile foundation system and upgrades to the Southeast curved retaining structure have been completed. The building pad has been restored, and excavation for elevator pits 1 and 2, pile caps, and grade beams have been completed. Waterproofing membrane has been installed at elevator pits 1 and 2, and the elevator pit concrete slabs have been installed. Reinforcing steel is being placed in the pile caps and grade beams. The first foundation concrete placement is planned for late June 2017.

NERSC-9: The Subcontractor is performing preconstruction services for the Facilities Enhancement portion of the project. Design is now in the construction document phase with completion anticipated in September 2017. NERSC negotiations with the HPC vendor are in progress. The project is in CD-1/3A, with CD-2/3B scheduled for December 2017.

Old Town Demolition, Phase I: A new soldier pile retaining wall north of B5 is complete; backfill of the wall will be completed in upcoming months, after addressing final remaining contamination in the area. Concrete slabs at B16, B52/52A, and the Old Town electrical pad have been removed and disposed. Soil cleanup under the EPA Application Package for PCB Cleanup at B52/52A and its amendment for B16 is substantially complete; a few areas located in the vicinity of B16 and B52/52A require additional cleanup to meet goals. This cleanup, the removal of remaining slabs and utilities, and the associated regulatory reports will be performed under upcoming phases of the project. The Old Town Phase I areas will be needed during these upcoming project phases for waste packaging and material staging. The upcoming work is due to begin in July 2017 and continue through Summer and Fall 2017.

Old Town Demolition, Phase II:  The first draft of the comprehensive characterization work plans for Buildings 4, 7/7C, and 14, and adjacent sub-slab soils are under development. The draft work plans will be completed early Summer 2017 with final work plans due in late 2017. The Project Team is continuing to develop options for sequencing the remaining characterization and remediation activities.

ALS HVAC Controls: Design for the HVAC controls systems for Buildings 6 and 80 is underway, as is the Building 37 HVAC controls installation. Future activities include Building 34 VFD replacements and networking installation.