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Construction Projects

What's Happening in the Next Several Weeks:

Integrative Genomics Building: The 50% Design Development package has been submitted and will be presented to DOE in November 2015 for approval of CD-2 Baseline.  Final Design will be completed by Spring 2016 with construction expected to start Summer 2016.

Computational Research & Theory Facility: The CRT is a new 150,000 gsf office and high performance computing facility funded by the University of California.  Phase I of furniture installation and people moves was completed in July 2015.  NERSC program high performance computers have been moved into the facility and are being tested for operation by Fall of 2015.

Solar Energy Research Center: Construction contract substantial completion was achieved on January 30, 2015. Moves into the building were completed in May 2015. Final commissioning efforts are continuing.

Old Town Demolition: The demolition subcontractor continues preparation activities. Interior demolition-related activities are well under way. Field work includes continued characterization of building and sub-surface materials, removal of universal waste, work on fixed equipment, cutting and capping mechanical utility lines, verification of zero voltage, and abatement of asbestos containing materials (ACM). Demolition activities will include Building 5, its floor slabs, and any contaminated soils; Buildings 16 & 16A structures, floor slabs, and contaminated soils; the former Buildings 52 & 52A floor slabs and contaminated soils; and the floor slabs of former Buildings 40 and 41.

Seismic Phase 2:
Bldg. 33 General Purpose Laboratory:
Substantial completion of building construction occurred in April 2014 and CD-4 was achieved in August 2014. Moves into building were conducted May through August 2015, final move scheduled for September.  Interior fit-up work continuing on the third floor.

FlexLab: Construction substantial completion occurred in April 2014 and CD-4 was achieved in September 2014. Closeout of this ARRA funded project was completed June 30, 2015.