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Construction Projects

What's Happening in the Next Several Weeks:

Computational Research & Theory Facility: Work on the CRT Project is approximately 90% complete. The remaining localized exterior siding and roofing will be completed in December 2014. The East site retaining wall is being constructed. Elevator 1 has passed State inspection, and Elevator 2 construction is nearing completion. Cooling Tower piping installation continues. Interior sheetrock walls and interior painting efforts on all levels are nearing completion. MEP installation continues, and fire sprinkler system installation is nearing completion. Computer Level isolation flooring construction is underway. Cable feeder installation was completed and tested, and the first energization of power to the MVSG equipment occurred in early December 2014. The project is scheduled for Substantial Completion in April 2015.

Solar Energy Research Center: Building electrical systems have been energized and mechanical systems have been started up. Commissioning of building systems is in progress. Punchlist walk-throughs are scheduled for early December. Construction is anticipated to be completed in January 2015.

Old Town Demolition: Approval of CD-2/3 for Phase I was received in November 2014. Demolition Subcontract was awarded in early December 2014. The Subcontractor will be developing project-specific work programs, plans, and procedures, and the finalization of the Phase I schedule for the next couple of months. Notice to Proceed is scheduled for February 2015.

Seismic Phase 2:
Bldg. 33 General Purpose Laboratory:
Substantial completion of building construction occurred in April 2014 and CD-4 was achieved in August 2014. The project is closing out commissioning and punchlist efforts. Interior fit-up work is in progress on all floors.

FlexLab: Construction substantial completion occurred in April 2014 and CD-4 was achieved in September 2014. Commissioning of the building control system and correction of punchlist items is continuing.