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Construction Projects

What's Happening in the Next Several Weeks:

Integrative Genomics Building: The 100% CD design documents were delivered to the CM/GC, and the bidding phase occurred in May 2016. Pursuant to a Value Engineering effort, the CD-3 ESAAB review has been scheduled for early October 2016. Construction is anticipated to commence in mid-October 2016.

Old Town Demolition, Phase I: Demolition of the superstructures of Buildings 5, 16, and 16A is complete, as is the recycling and disposal of the resulting debris. The main retaining wall on the east side of Building 5 (B5) has been reinforced, and the foundations, slabs, and utilities within the building have been removed. The soldier pile retaining wall north of B5 is nearing completion. The groundwater treatment system has been temporarily relocated to accommodate the installation of the wall. The removal of the slab, utilities, and contaminated soil of the former B5 waste processing yard has been completed. The Final Status Survey of B5 and the B5 Yard is being readied. The remaining waste packages at Bayview continue to be shipped with completion targeted by the end of September. The PCB cleanup application package for Buildings 52 and 52A, and its amendment for B16 and 16A, were approved by the EPA. Upcoming field work includes clearance of B5 and the B5 Yard and subsequent backfilling and paving of these areas. Additional field activities also include installation of a new Ground Water Treatment pad; removal of floor slabs at B16, 16A, 52, 52A, and electrical pad; and removal of any contaminated soils.

Old Town Demolition, Phase II: Scope planning is underway.