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Seismic & Structural Safety Upgrades of Buildings

Phase 1 - Bldgs. 50 & 74

The Seismic and Structural Safety Upgrades of Buildings, Phase 1 project is a $17M DOE line item project to correct existing structural deficiencies in Buildings 50 and 74. The objective of the project is to improve building performance in a seismic event by raising the seismic performance rating of these buildings from the current “Poor” rating to a “Good” rating.

Construction at Building 50 will be accomplished while the building is occupied, and will be divided into three separate phases. Occupants may be temporarily relocated during each construction phase. Parking impacts during construction can be seen here.

The Building 50 Auditorium will be closed during the first phase of construction from January to November 2009. The auditorium will not be available for use during this time. Auditorium upgrades will include seismic bracing and replacement of the ceiling and walls. Additional scope has been added to the project to install new air conditioning and stage lighting in the Auditorium.

The Building 50 Lobby Museum will be closed during construction. The Main Lobby and other entrances to Building 50 may experience periods of closure during which pedestrian detours will be posted and necessary egress maintained.

Building 74 will be unoccupied during construction. Structural upgrades include replace steel bracing, strengthen roof collector beam connections, new supports and grade beam, new shear walls, strengthen weakened diaphragms, remove interior retaining wall surcharge. Additional modernization work is planned in Building 74 during the Seismic Phase 2 project, planned to follow Seismic Phase 1.

Construction began in January 2009. Building 50 construction is scheduled to be completed by March 2010. Building 74 is scheduled to be completed around September 2009. A look-ahead schedule with upcoming project activities can be seen here.

Contact Jack Heffernan (x5993) or Doug Brunkow (x6252) for questions regarding the project.

What's Happening in the Next Few Weeks

Building 50: Work is complete and there is no further impact to the building or occupants.

Building 50D Demolition: The building has been demolished with the exception of the subfloor structure. Facilities will install a single ply roofing membrane over the subfloor and completely waterproof the exposed area over the 50B computer room. We anticipate finishing roofing work on 9/15/10. We will have one more closure of the H2 parking lot, either the weekend of 9/10 or 9/17.

Building 50 Auditorium: Work is complete and there is no further impact to the building or occupants.

Building 74: Seismic Phase 1 seismic upgrade activities are complete. Seismic Phase 2 interior demolition activities are complete; modernization activities are in progress. Go here for more information on the Seismic Phase 2 project.

Presentations & Events

Town hall meetings are scheduled periodically to inform occupants, neighbors, and stakeholders of the construction scope, schedule, and impacts. Presentations are available at the links below:

Last updated 09/15/2010