Employee Performance Evaluations

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  1. General Policy
  2. Purpose
  3. Responsibilities
    1. Supervisors
    2. Employees
    3. Human Resources Department


Performance feedback is an ongoing, yearlong process. Supervisors must provide each of their direct reports with a written performance evaluation annually, using the approved process. This written evaluation is the formal part of the performance feedback process. Additional written evaluations may be done if circumstances warrant.

Employees holding limited, faculty, graduate student research assistant, student assistant, rehired retiree, postdoctoral, and visiting postdoctoral fellow appointments are excluded from this policy. Division directors and resource department heads are responsible for implementation of this policy within their organizations.


The objectives of the written evaluation are to:

  1. Establish an understanding between the employee and supervisor regarding job responsibilities and expectations and work deliverables (goals);
  2. Provide an opportunity for two-way discussion of employee progress, career development, and department goals;
  3. Establish/reestablish standards, goals, expectations, and development plans;
  4. Document performance and progress against previously established goals and expectations;
  5. Provide input to the salary process.


1. Supervisors

Supervisors are responsible for ensuring that each employee has a current position description and expectations and goals, and that the employee has a clear understanding of his or her responsibilities. Supervisors are responsible for providing feedback to the employee so that he or she knows where improvement is needed. Supervisors are responsible for promoting employee development opportunities. The supervisor is responsible for providing the employee with a formal, written evaluation of the employee's performance at least once a year.

2. Employees

Employees are responsible for seeking clarification about their duties, responsibilities, and/or expectations. Employees should seek input about their performance on an ongoing basis. In addition, employees are responsible for improving their performance and their own development.

3. Human Resources Department

The Human Resources Department will provide training to supervisors on conducting performance evaluations. The Department will also assess the effectiveness of the current performance evaluation process and work with management to ensure that the process is an effective tool for both management and employees.

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