Berkeley Lab Stationery and Logos

Revised 07/11

  1. Use of Name and Logo
  2. Use of Letterhead
    1. Requirements for Nonstandard Berkeley Lab Letterheads
    2. Approval of Nonstandard Letterheads
  3. Berkeley Lab Business Cards
    1. Policy
    2. Printing by Off-Site Printers
    3. Requests for Authorization of Business Cards


Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory is the official, legal name of the Laboratory, to be used in formal publications, such as on the cover and title page of all major reports (e.g., reports requiring a report number from the Report Coordination Office), and on first mention in any text reference. Berkeley Lab, the short form of the official name, is preferred for common usage in publications and events intended for a public (non-Laboratory) audience. Berkeley Lab also appears on the official Berkeley Lab logo. In situations in which an acronym is required, LBNL should be used.

The official Berkeley Lab logo is available in a variety of forms, and should be used in the design of all Laboratory publications, including flyers, handouts, posters, and Web sites; and visual (e.g., PowerPoint, posters) representations. The official logo must be used as designated without alterations. The use of other logos or graphic symbols displayed with the official logo must be approved by the Department Head of Public Affairs.

Questions regarding appropriate use of the Laboratory name and logo in text and design should be directed to the Creative Services Office (CSO).


Official Berkeley Lab stationery in standard and approved nonstandard variations must be used for all official external correspondence. Standard stationery may be ordered through CSO Printing Services or obtained electronically via a public server. Nonstandard stationery may be ordered through CSO.

1. Requirements for Nonstandard Berkeley Lab Letterheads

  1. All nonstandard letterheads must include the official Laboratory logo at the top and the following text at the bottom of the first page:

    Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, One Cyclotron Road, Berkeley, California 94720

    Laboratory or program telephone and fax numbers are permissible as part of the letterhead.

  2. Laboratory divisions may include the division name and telephone number in the letterhead. The use of additional divisional/center or group logos is not permitted on either standard or approved nonstandard letterheads.

  3. National centers located at Berkeley Lab, approved Berkeley Lab science centers, or other major organizational units may add their names to the letterhead if they can show a need for having their own letterhead. Appropriate application of name, including placement and type size, will be provided by CSO. Federal regulations prohibit showing an individual's name.

  4. Printing must be done in black or blue ink. The official blue PMS color number is available through CSO.

2. Approval of Nonstandard Letterheads

  1. The California Education Code and University policy prohibit unauthorized use of the University's name and seal. Authority to approve the use of the University's name and seal has been delegated to the Laboratory Chief Operating Officer (COO). The University seal may not be used on Laboratory letterhead and business cards unless specifically authorized by the COO. Use of the University seal must be limited to official University business within the course and scope of the individual's employment.

  2. Requests for approval of nonstandard letterheads should be sent from the cognizant division director to the Head of Public Affairs.


1. Policy

  1. Business cards may be provided to an employee (1) whose job requires regular interaction with representatives of federal agencies; other contractors; state, local, or foreign governments; private industry; or the general public; and (2) for whom a business card would facilitate prompt and efficient communication with such individuals and entities as a representative of Berkeley Lab for DOE.

  2. Under the terms and conditions of the DOE/LBNL Contract, which requires Berkeley Lab to facilitate contract performance in support of DOE's mission, discretion must be used in determining whether business cards will serve a suitable mission-related use.

  3. When the relevant division director or designee approves business cards for an employee, the number of cards should be kept to a reasonable amount, based on cost and percentage of use. Cards must include the following statement on the face of the card: "Operated for the U.S. Department of Energy." Expense for cards meeting these conditions will be paid for by the individual's department or division.

  4. CSO will provide graphic services for appropriate placement of logo and text, and coordinate the printing of cards created at a division's expense. Those wishing to pay for their own business cards may receive the camera-ready artwork to arrange for their own printing services.

2. Printing by Off-Site Printers

U.S. Congress Joint Committee on Printing regulations, which apply to Berkeley Lab, prohibit the printing of business cards at government expense unless the conditions outlined in Section (C)(1)(a), above, are met. Therefore, printing of business cards not meeting these conditions, by off-site printers not coordinated through the Government Printing Officer in CSO, must be paid for directly by the employee. Purchase cards may not be used to pay for printing.

3. Requests for Authorization of Business Cards

Employees may request authorization of business cards from the relevant division director or designee by completing either an online Business Card Request form at http://cso.lbl.gov/buscards/cardstyles.html, or a printout of the form available at http://cso.lbl.gov/assets/docs/busCardForm.pdf.

Procedure for submitting the online form:

  1. Go to the Business Card Styles page at http://cso.lbl.gov/buscards/cardstyles.html. Click on the picture of the desired card style. All card layout styles have been approved by the Laboratory Director’s Office.

  2. After the desired card style has been selected, the Order Form page will appear. Complete the form by filling in the required fields under Personal Info and Requestor Info.

  3. Once the order form has been submitted online, an e-mail will be sent to the division director or designee to approve the business-card request, and to ensure compliance with the California Education Code. To avoid possible misrepresentation of the University or the Laboratory, this code prohibits use of the University's name without permission from the Laboratory Director or designee.

Procedure for submitting a printout of the downloadable form:

  1. Go to http://cso.lbl.gov/assets/docs/busCardForm.pdf. Print out the form, and fill in the information requested on both pages of the form.

  2. Send the completed form to the appropriate division director or designee for his or her signature authorization.

  3. Mail the signed form to CSO, Mail Stop 46R0125. The form may also be faxed to ext. 5333, or e-mailed to bizcards@lbl.gov.

Printed . The official or current version is located in the online LBNL Requirements and Policies Manual.
Printed or electronically transmitted copies are not official. Users are responsible for working with the latest approved revision.

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