Operation and Parking of Motor Vehicles and Bicycles

Rev. 07/11

  1. General
  2. Motor Vehicle and Bicycle Parking
    1. General
    2. Parking Permit and Eligibility
    3. Additional Parking Considerations
  3. Parking Policy Enforcement
  4. Parking Regulations


Berkeley Lab presents many unique challenges for motor vehicle, bicycle, and pedestrian safety. The roadways are narrow and can be crowded and under construction, traverse steep terrain, and intersect in many different ways. It is critically important for all individuals who share the roadways at the Laboratory to exercise caution at all times for their own safety and the safety of others. Bicyclists, drivers, and pedestrians must be especially aware of safety considerations and be more vigilant when in close proximity to one another.

All individuals operating motor vehicles or bicycles on Laboratory property must comply with the California Vehicle Code (CVC) and Berkeley Lab traffic and parking regulations. Permission to operate a vehicle or bicycle on Laboratory property is subject to the control of the Laboratory Security Program Manager and may be revoked at any time. Because of the steep terrain, all skateboards, scooters, electronic personal assisted-mobility devices (such as Segways), and in-line skates are prohibited from operating on Laboratory property. Employees may also be subject to discipline up to and including dismissal for traffic and parking violations. In the absence of any special conditions or regulations applicable to traffic or parking, all provisions of the California Vehicle Code relating to traffic or parking apply. The maximum speed limit on all Laboratory property is 25 miles per hour (for all but emergency vehicles), or slower as conditions require.


1. General

Limited on-site vehicle parking is provided for certain employees and visitors. The Badge Office issues valid Laboratory parking permits. Some parking spaces are open to unreserved parking, while others are reserved. Maps indicating parking areas are available at the entry gates, or at http://www.lbl.gov. Only one parking permit is issued to an eligible person who requests a parking permit. Exceptions are made for motorcycle and bicycle permits, which may be issued in addition to an automobile permit. The Site Access Manager may make exceptions to the policy for extenuating circumstances that require a deviation from the policy. Requests shall be submitted in writing to the Site Access Manager.

2. Parking Permit and Eligibility

Type of Permit


Authorized Parking Spaces

Orange Circle

LBNL division directors or personnel designated by the Associate Laboratory Director for Operations.

All parking spaces with the exception of Reserved parking spaces and Government Vehicle parking spaces

Blue Triangle

LBNL senior scientists and senior staff members. Eligibility is based on an annual salary threshold.

All General and Blue Triangle parking spaces with the exception of Reserved parking spaces and Government Vehicle parking spaces

Temporary Blue Triangle 

LBNL affiliates are eligible for a Temporary Blue Triangle parking permit based on job classifications.


LBNL career employees, LBNL term employees, rehired retirees, and LBNL limited term employees

All General parking spaces with the exception of Reserved parking spaces. General parking permit holders are authorized to park in Blue Triangle parking spaces during off-hours (3 p.m. to 8 a.m. Monday through Friday), weekends, and holidays.

Temporary General

LBNL affiliates are eligible for a Temporary General parking permit based on job classifications.


LBNL graduate students, student employees and interns

All General parking spaces with the exception of Reserved parking spaces and Government Vehicle parking spaces. Off-hours parking permit holders are only authorized to park on site between 3 p.m. and 8 a.m. Monday through Friday, and all day on weekends and holidays.  

Medical Blue Triangle

LBNL employees or affiliates who are authorized by Health Services

All General and Blue Triangle parking spaces with the exception of Reserved parking spaces and Government Vehicle parking spaces

Car Pool

LBNL employees and affiliates who are registered in the LBNL Car Pool Program

All General and Blue Triangle parking spaces with the exception of Reserved parking spaces and Government Vehicle parking spaces


Authorized vendors who frequently conduct business throughout LBNL

All General and Blue Triangle parking spaces with the exception of Reserved parking spaces and Government Vehicle parking spaces


LBNL employees

All motorcycle parking spaces

3. Additional Parking Considerations

Visitor Parking Permit:  A paper dashboard pass that is issued to short-term visitors by the Security Access Gates or the Site Access Office.

Official Vehicles:  Vehicles with license plates issued by the federal government or the state of California are authorized to park in Government Vehicle parking spaces. 

Stack Parking: Stack Parking spaces are reserved for vehicles that display a Stack Parking Card. Movement of a vehicle in Stack Parking may be necessary to accommodate unforeseen circumstances, and to allow for the exit of other vehicles parked in Stack Parking. 

LBNL employees and affiliates who choose to park in Stack Parking spaces shall observe the following regulations:


  1. LBNL Security conducts patrols of parking lots throughout the Laboratory to carry out parking policy enforcement activities. LBNL parking policies are enforced through the use of Parking Violation Notice forms that are issued by LBNL Security to vehicles that are observed to be in violation of LBNL parking policies.
  2. Vehicles parked in violation of established parking policies will be issued a Parking Violation Notice. One copy of the Parking Violation Notice will be left by Security on the vehicle, and another copy will be provided to the LBNL Site Access Manager for review.
  3. The University of California Police Department (UCPD) conducts traffic and parking enforcement patrols throughout LBNL. UCPD patrols may issue parking citations for vehicles and drivers observed to be violating the California Vehicle Code.
  4. The Site Access Manager will review each Parking Violation Notice for accuracy and assess the appropriate parking point penalty to the owner of the vehicle found to be in violation of LBNL parking policy.
  5. LBNL parking permit holders who accumulate six points in any consecutive 90-day period or 10 points in a year are subject to having their parking privileges suspended for up to 30 working days. When an LBNL parking permit holder approaches the 90-day or annual parking point threshold, the Site Access Manager will submit the parking permit holder’s Parking Violation Notice file to the LBNL Transportation Demand Management Committee.
  6. The Transportation Demand Management Committee will review all applicable Parking Violation Notices and make a recommendation on the status of the LBNL parking permit holder’s parking privileges.
  7. LBNL parking permit holders who believe that they were issued a Parking Violation Notice in error may submit an appeal through the Site Access Manager for review.

LBNL Parking Policy Violations



Parking in an unauthorized space such as a loading zone, an unmarked area, in an area not allowed by permit type (for example, General parking permit in an Orange Circle parking space)


Failure to display permit


Failure to display Stack Parking contact information while parked in a Stack Parking space


Failure to adhere to posted instructions


Unauthorized parking in a handicapped zone


Parking in a red zone


Parking in a manner that creates an imminent safety hazard (for example, blocking a traffic lane)



  1. Forgotten Permit. Persons who forget their hanging permit may request a temporary one-day parking permit at the entry gate. The issuance of a temporary parking permit will be reported to Site Access. Abuses of the temporary permit provisions are subject to the penalties noted below.
  2. Replacement of Lost or Stolen Parking Permits. To replace a lost or stolen parking permit, contact the Badge Office.
  3. Penalties for Abuse of Parking Privileges.  To ensure that the parking policy is enforced equitably throughout Berkeley Lab on-site parking areas, the Laboratory has instituted a point system for parking violations by which various parking offenses are assigned penalty points within a period of time, and after six points are accumulated within a six-month period, parking privileges are suspended. If a continual pattern of abuse is detected, further administrative action may be taken (see the Parking Enforcement System page for more information).
  4. Return of Parking Permit on Termination of Employment.  Parking permits are the property of the Laboratory and must be returned to the employee’s division office or the Badge Office no later than the last day of employment. If the permit holder leaves after hours, parking permits can also be turned in to the security officer at the entry gates.

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