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Directorate/Operations Safety Committee Meeting

September 24th
1:00 – 2:00 pm



Gave a brief presentation on the MESH Review process.

Betsy gathers the ISM requirement throughout the year. Each division needs to make assessments, and report any divisional issues and just be forthright about them.

17% of the MESH Team’s responsibilities are to assess divisional management of the ES&H Programs and to find out how well divisions are managing the program.  The MESH Report goes to the division director and the chair of AFRC.

25 % of their responsibilities are to perform the review and to identify deficiencies.

The Office of Contract Assurance manages the review. They provide feedback to the divisions.

MESH can only make recommendations. The institutional changes or improvements for matrix employees will be handled by EH&S.

Technical Assurance Program isn’t fully implemented and we’re not doing it efficiently because it’s still fairly new.

The Office of Contract Assurance is focusing on the area of making sign improvements.

EH&S will need to perform an audit to ensure we’re in compliance. EH&S feels uncomfortable performing audits because they get pushback. They’re more comfortable providing service. EH&S should know the technical controls. The technical requirements are in PUB 3000.

The director and operations main hazards are ergonomics and electrical.


Betsy monitors the self assessment for both human resources and operations. We need to make sure we’re following the ISM Plan.

There were comments to change the MESH Review but they weren’t changed.  Side Note: This was regarding something that Vera brought up but she didn’t specify the issue.


TOPIC: DOE Safety Review


There’s going to be a DOE safety review beginning in December.


I’ll contact Brookhaven National Laboratory to ask them what the reviewers will look for. The vulnerabilities may be the work lead concept and work planning. There are 7 corrective actions.

We will prepare line managers for the review.


The medical facility I used to work at had managers trained in performing the reviews in a standardized way. Maybe that’s something we can consider doing.


TOPIC: Required Trainings


JHA Opt Out doesn’t stop the other trainings. GERT is a required training for anyone that needs to be badged. Supervisors will need to take the supervisor trainings.

If there are recommended trainings, you should take it and then you will be placed at low risk. The work smart can be waived but it’s confusing.

I need a mission statement for safety in operations. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know. I’ll send what I have to everyone via email.


I had six to seven people with high risk and they said the report is inaccurate.

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Last updated: November 25, 2008