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Directorate/Operations Safety Committee Meeting

October 29th
1:00 – 2:00 pm

TOPIC: 937 Move


We should communicate why there’s been a delay in the 937 move and explain that electricians had to work on electrical issues at the ALS.

TOPIC: Supervisors Roles & Responsibilities on Ergonmics & Safety Reviews


We had an incident where an employee went to Health Services because of an ergonomic issue and mentioned that he was working 10 to 12 hours a day.

We had another incident where an employee slipped and fell. He went directly to EH&S instead of the Safety Coordinator.

We need to inform the supervisors of their roles & responsibilities. These are listed in the ISM.

Employees do not like reporting an injury because of the interrogative process by Health Services & their supervisors.



Supervisors feel like they can’t rely on Health Services. Employees and supervisors need to make sure the situation gets handled appropriately.

I did not get referred for an x-ray until a month after my incident and workers’ compensation 3 months later.


 The ISM should include examples along with the roles and responsibilities. Perhaps on a separate sheet, include examples of appropriate behavior for the supervisors.

We need to tell employees why we do what we do so they don’t feel like the process is so bureaucratic. Explain why it’s important to go to Health Services, and why certain procedures are in place. This information needs to be captured.


TOPIC: Outstanding Training


The lab is at 93% completion of training.

There needs to be communication when training is added as a requirement. Training will just appear on people’s profiles and they won’t know that it’s been added unless they hear from me or happen to visit their profile.

I’m monitoring the training requirements but it can change overnight and drive the stats down.


Do we have a clear definition of a work lead? Work leads manage the training, and some are responsible for providing oversight to employees/guest.


TOPIC: Ergonomics


Ergonomics is our biggest hazards. An ergonomist does an evaluation, provides the employee/guest with recommendations, sends an email to the supervisor with these recommendations and follow-up 30 days later. Supervisors need to close out the pending record.  Supervisors of CUE represented employee needs to ensure recommendations are completed  within 30 days.

The ISM calls for an evaluation every 2 years.

Need to change the wording of the ISM - physical evaluation every 2 years.

The trailers at building 90 have been swept. There were some issues with the vendors but it’s been fixed.


We had an employee with an ergo issue but sat on it for a long time. The supervisor finally got involved and ordered the ergo equipment. The employee received it but didn’t use it. This later became a recordable.

The vendors are supposed to provide a quick turnaround time for delivering furniture and adjusting them. They are able to accommodate the number of employees here.


People don’t know that they have to buy the recommended ergonomic equipment/furniture. The steps need to be clarified. Many people think the ergonomists are responsible for placing orders.



We have a system in place where we send an email to instruct both the employee & supervisor on how to order the equipment. We are working on the clarifying the process.

Dr. Chu wants a brief Remedy Interactive refresher. We’re working on ways to prevent high risks from falling through the cracks. We’re adding a separate spreadsheet with all high risk employees to the ergo database. We will be able to review our employees’ physical evaluation. Training EHS0058 & EHS0059 doesn’t replace the physical evaluation.


A big problem with the move was that it took 4 weeks for someone to adjust our furniture.


TOPIC: HSS Training for Divisions


Dan and I are going to the HSS Training to learn about expectations, what to prepare for, and practice asking questions.


People need to know the basics of ISM.


We had our stand down for 5 hours. The 1st hour was the all hands meeting to discuss safety/hazards issues. We then broke into groups to do a walk through and discuss certain topics, such as ergonomics, slip & falls, traffic, natural disasters (wild fires & earthquakes). Everyone got back together and shared information. This took approximately 3.5 hours.


Can we consolidate everyone’s safety/hazards information to see if there are any commonalities?




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Last updated: November 25, 2008