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Directorate/Operations Safety Committee Meeting

Dir/Ops Safety Committee Meeting 1-30-08


Michael Chartock                                Dir/Plan & Development
Ira Janowitz                                         EH&S Liaison
Reid Edwards                                       Public Affairs
Dan Twohey                                         Operations Business Manager
Molly Stoufer                                       Dir/Internal Audit
Ira Nishibayashi                                  Dir/Institutional Assurance
Eileen Nasto                                         Ops/OCFO/Procurement
Jeffery Weiner                                     OCFO/S.P.O.
Anil More                                               Ops/OCFO/W.F.D.
Elizabeth Reyes                                   Ops/Safety Coordinator
Jeffrey Fernandez                               Dir/Ops Senior Mgmt.


Information Sharing Among Operations Safety Coordinators
Dan Twohey - Operations Business Manager
Elizabeth Reyes - Safety Coordinator Dir/Ops

Dan & Betsy participated in the Senior Operation Management Meeting to gain a better understanding of how other divisions deal with safety.  This is a way to share information horizontally across divisions.  Starting next month, Dan and Betsy will attend the safety coordinators from other divisions.  This will allow our division to learn from others and to share experiences.

A draft of the Directorate’s Key Performance Indicators was distributed to the group.  The following changes were suggested

  • Add the percentage, as well as the number of the first aid and recordable cases.
  • Revised the “# of days to close our ergonomic evaluations” to “record the time between the request and completion of the evaluation” and the time between the completion of the evaluation and the closeout” (meaning when all suggested ergo items are received.

If you have any other suggestions to the Key Performance Indicator, please contact Betsy.

Dan & Betsy also met with Kem Robinson, Engineering, to review their approach to Safety.  Engineering has made a strong commitment to safety.  Their home page displays their required safety classes for all personnel.  By clearing stating the expectations of their personnel, it shows their commitment.


Upcoming Personnel Moves
Anil More

Anil discussed the upcoming personnel moves from Building 937 to the hill. 

  • Do we plan to have an ergonomic evaluation of every person moved?
  • Ergo furniture should move with the personnel
  • Who is responsible for scheduling the evaluations?
  • Do we have enough staff?
  • Add a 1 Minute for Safety topic on how to move or dispose of massive quantities of files/paper
  • Provide a “move smart” class for those heavily involved

Anil and Linda Wuy is working on when all the personnel will be relocated.  Facilities will need to support this effort. 

We will invite Jennifer Ridgeway to our next meeting to discuss


CUE Ergonomic Issues
Dan Twohey - Operations Business Manager

Dan met with representatives of CUE to discuss Ergonomic issues and stress the importance of early intervention, follow through on ergo evaluations, supervision involvement, etc.  The CUE representatives were very supportive and committed to increased involvement.

These same discussions should be conducted with the Laboratory’s other labor unions.


Remedy Interactive
Ira Janowitz

Remedy Interactive will be rolled out to the Safety Coordinators starting 2-15-08.  There will be a demonstration of Remedy Interactive to this committee


Supervisor Toolkit

Establish a one spot repository for supervisors which will aid them in all things safety related.  An example of what would be included was shared with the group.  We could also include subject matter experts and a summary of what your responsibilities of a supervisor are.


Holistic Safety Approach

The holistic approach to safety is fully endorsed by David McGraw.  We would like to focus on the employee’s whole life, without being intrusive.  A series of topics and a distribution method will be discussed at a future date. 


JHQs & Safety Emails
Emails continue to go out to employees who need to update their JHQs or other safety training.  Please encourage your employees to be proactive and take their safety courses sooner rather than later.


Latest Safety Incident

There was a microwave fire in Building 90 on Wednesday, 1-30-08.  An artichoke was left in the microwave too long and caught on file.  There is an investigation into the incident.  Encourage all employees to remain and monitor all cooking, whether at a microwave or toaster oven.

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Last updated: November 14, 2008